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Mitsubishi F-1 FSX


Ngoba FS2004 variant ehambisanayo Chofoza lapha

Mitsubishi F-1 has been the first combat aircraft designed and manufactured in Japan since the end of WWII. Based on the advanced trainer Mitsubishi T-2 , the main purpose of this bird, as designed for air to sea combat, is to deal with generic Air to Surface targets moreover, this includes also a limited capability for air superiority missions. 77, F-1 have been delivered , their operational life began in late 70’ . This variant is currently been replaced by the latest Mitsubishi F-2 (Web-source: Wikipedia)

This model includes corrective patches and upgrades. The layout of the Mitsubishi F-1 reminds the Jaguar.
Here included four variants:
-Mk82 external bomb loads
-ASM-1 and ASM-2 navy missiles
-Smooth configuration.

An AI model is also available for your web parties. The virtual cockpit is treated in photorealistic textures, original sound package, Auto nstallation mode is available. A must-have.

Umbhali Model design by Daisuke Yamamoto Peinted by Hiroaki kubota (KBT) Effect xml gauge elivezwa Toshikazu Shimizu. Ingashintshwa ukuze asebenze OK FSX by Danny Garnier
Usayizi 52.3 MB
Play 10 693
Zadalwa 28-10-2009 18: 37: 24
Kushintshwe 19-06-2012 02: 51: 51
License freeware zangaphandle
3D Virtual Cockpit
Port-Over FS2004 (akukho DXT10)
Engeza-on iyahambisana FSX & FSX-Steam

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