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Scenery completely photo-real of the National Park Channel Islands (USA) and San Nicolas Island Naval Outlying Field (KNSI) and Santa Catalina Islands (KAVX) and San Clemente (KNUC). The scenery covers a total of 9280 sq km 3625 + sq km, the textures are resolution 1m / pixel, included with a 10m resolution mesh.
The Channel Islands National Park is a US national park that encompasses five of the eight islands of the Channel Islands archipelago in the Pacific Ocean off California. Half of the park is underwater. The islands lying within the park stretch along the coast of Southern California Point Conception near Santa Barbara to San Clemente Island, south-west of Los Angeles. The headquarters of the park and the visitor center Robert J. Lagomarsino are located in the city of Ventura.

The Channel Islands National Park is the home of a large and wide variety of natural and cultural resources. On 26 April 1938 the area is classified as a national monument and US as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1976. Finally the site is classified as a national park on 5 March 1980. (Wikipedia)

Coverage area of the scenery (in red) and ICAO codes of airports


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