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Our visitors (116 000/month and 13 million page views in 2011!) Are enthusiasts about flight simulator, often owners of FSX, P3D, FS2004 and X-Plane, many of them are "hard gamers". We offer you the opportunity to have visibility through the display of an advertisement. Join our advertisers;

Google, Microsoft, Saitek, Combat Pilot...

Format of the banner :

Your advertising is in the form of a banner size 468 by 60 pixels or 728 by 90 pixels, Gif, Animated Gif, Png, Jpeg or animated flash (max 100 kb). You provide it by email (or via a link if already present on the net).

Sample format currently accepted :

banner size 468x60

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Banner display :

Upon receipt and confirmation of your order, your banner will be displayed on our website home page, downloads and news area.

Illustration of the placements :

Home page banner 468x60 pixels
Top right
Banner 728x90 pixels Home Downloads page
Category and subcategories

Banner 728x90 pixels Downloads page
Listing files

Banner 728x90 pixels Downloads page
File Description

We use a professional program to manage the display of your banners, so you can request a display of your banner at certain times of the day (eg 16h-19h) or restrict the display to X number of times per user (to limit repetitions), and more. An account will be created with our program dedicated to advertisers to allow you to monitor your campaign.

Pricess is a very qualitative website, generally, banners are billed with CPM (Cost Per Mille) at 3.50 € net per thousand views on the desired locations. You pay for a volume displays of your advertisement. The advantage of this model lies precisely in the fact that if perfectly matches your target and your message then your ROI (Return on Investment) will be excellent.

*Please note that bigger is your CPM order bigger is your percentage reduction.

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d’avoir de la visibilité par le biais d'affichage d'un encart publicitaire.