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The Silk Road

First, take off from Venice with, for example, a Douglas DC3 empty ; make your way, following the different legs towards Xian in China, where honourable silk merchants are waiting for you.

Seconclly, after having dealt with a piece of business, return back to the departure point with a full cargo of precious silk.

Thirdly, leave 50% of the cargo in Venice, and plan different deliveries around Europe ; for example, 10% in Paris, 5% in Berlin, and so on.

When your DC3 is empty, and wherever you are, go back to Xian by joining the nearest leg of the flight plan.

As far as the Silk Road history is concerned, mythic way used by Marco Polo in 1275, it's yours to dicover it, thanks to the numerous web sites dedicated to this subject.

GPS recommended

For further information and comments, you can join me via the List des Members (michel95)


Venice (Tessera LIPZ) 689mn


 Athènes (Eleftherios Intl LGAV) 289mn


Istambul (Ataturk LTBA) /284mn/ Ankara (Esenboga LTAC) 627mn


Tabriz (Tabriz Intl OITT) /284mn/ Téhéran (Mehrabad Intl OIII) 365mn


Ashgabat UTAA 305mn


Bukhara UTSB /116mn/ Samarkand (Kadala UTSS) /140mn/ Tashkent (Yuzhny UTTT) 325mn


Kashgar (Kashi ZWSH) /576mn/ Turphan - Hami - Urumqi (Diwopu ZWWW) /861mn/ Lanzhou (Zhongchuan ZLLL) /280mn/ Xian (Xianyang ZLXY)

Copyright Michel Lagneau 2008

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  • Canary Islands Part 2 FSX & P3D
    Canary Islands Part 2 FSX & P3D Canary Islands Part 2 FSX & P3D Canary Islands Part 2 FSX & P3D Canary Islands Part 2 FSX & P3D
    Second part of the mega photo-real scenery of the Canary Islands, an archipelago belonging to Spain. To access the first part of this scenery and get more information click here. It is strongly recommended to install Part 1 before Part 2.

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