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2 years 4 months ago #825 by Hykardu

Extreme bush flight, starting at the top of the cliff next to Yosemite Falls, dropping down to valley below. Crossing the valley, I reach The Half Dome and climb to the Cloud Rest, turning to right in low flight in route to Merced Lake. One of the best things in bush flying is follow a river. So, I follow the Merced Rive passing trough Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls on final route to Taft Point, where flight a second deep dive into the valley, landing in El Capitain meadow.

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5 months 3 weeks ago #1511 by Turbo Pascal

Hi there, just wanted to say that I enjoyed that tour! You did a good job with the music too.

Curious about what sceneries you had installed when you recorded that?

And how did you find those spots in Yosemite. Was it from knowing the place IRL well? I'm forever finding it hard to find spots I want to fly around, and possibly record, too.

And lastly, what's the easy way to place yourself in a spot like the top of that cliff? Do you just use Slew and kind of drop yourself on the ground there? That's another thing i find awkward about scenery and setting up scenic flights. Finding and getting to spots like those you flew by.

Thanks for the time you put into that!


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