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FS 2020 2 weeks 22 hours ago #1937

Hello FS Enthusiasts,
I have been a member since 2017 apparently. I received an email reminded me of this fact. I have not been FSXing since I had to pay for FSX "AGAIN" when it went to the Steam platform. What a disappointment. Even though I love the program it never really set well with me and it sort of went by the wayside.
With the new FS2020 coming out I thought I'd pop in and see if there is anything new going on here.
I have a couple questions.
Is everyone as excited about the new FS coming out? I will not be getting it till Christmas I think.
Do we know if any of the current FSX aircraft will still work on the new version?
Are there plans to convert? Wish there was a program to run them through to convert them? Wouldn't that be cool.
Looking forward to seeing you all in the cyber sky.

Happy Flying!

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FS 2020 1 week 6 days ago #1940

I doubt that the current planes will work. As I understood it FS2020 has way more parameters to consider to make a plane fly.

I think it would also be a bit stupid. There are some great looking and fun to fly freeware add-ons. But let's face it, most current freeware will look a bit bland considering the amazing progress that is made in just how scenery and weather etc have evolved in MS2020. By no means do I want to downgrade most of the current freeware as dull and simple. I just think it would look kinda funny if they would be compatible.

I hope that things like Air Hauler 2 and SPAD Next would be made compatible soon (and without having to pay full price again) SPad Next doesn't come cheap, but it is a hell of a program.

I look forward to it, although I have serious concerns about the specs needed. Given, my PC is above recommend specs, yet slightly under ideal specs. It just simply looks way to nice to get it running at just below max settings. Cause let's face it, to really be able to enjoy the work they put in it, one would probably want to set the sliders at least 1 point under max settings. ;-)

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