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This is regarding the "Concorde RW Reworked Version FSX & P3D"

In all honestly, I would have to give this aircraft a HUGE F-.

As much as I LOVE the Concorde, ONE that that majorly lacks is a 100% functional Concorde. This particular one has horrible ground handling, freezes when you load it, freezes during flight, has the engines cut out during flight causing you to fall uncontrollably from FL550 (just had that happen TWICE on a flight from Heathrow to Jacksonville), and then when you land...well, you get even WORSE ground handling.

I have to admit, I'm surprised they even released this thing to the public in it's current state. IF this were a payware bird, it goes without saying that people would be demanding refunds and the company's reputation would quickly go into the toilet.

I'd say I'm disappointed, but even that is an epic understatement :(

American Airways VA
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