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4 weeks 21 hours ago #1491 by pip01

Some times when I contact tower to land controller says airport is currently IFR access denied what does this mean.

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4 weeks 17 hours ago - 4 weeks 17 hours ago #1492 by Nitrical

It means that you are not allowed to land under VFR. (Visual Flight Rules) I noticed it generally happens in bad weather conditions (at least in my configuration)

Create a flightplan, select IFR. You can do it in flight, just make sure you select "no" when asked if the sim wants to position the aircraft at departure airport.
After that it is just following ATC instructions and you can land with permission.

Basicly you have 2 options when starting a flight. No flightplan is considered VFR, in real-life it would mean you have to stay under a certain altitude (4500ft for Belgium and most EU countries and speed below 140kt IAS) Than there are some extra specs you have to consider in regards to clouds etc. FSX doesn't really care about that.

IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) basicly means that you will fly in constant contact with ATC. If you do not follow their instructions, than IFR will be cancelled. In FSX / P3D it is basicaly a guidance from start to finish. For long distance, they will ask you to continue on own navigation, but coming closer to destination they will give you instructions to land. Just don't forget to switch ATC sectors when asked via ATC menu during flight or IFR will be cancelled again.

I don't know if there are many differences between FSX and P3D in regards to ATC. My RTX2070 decided to die shortly after upgrading to P3D, so I haven't been able to see what difference there is between FSX and P3D

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