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2 weeks 1 day ago #1558 by william11

When i press IAS button on the awesome Citation X i downloaded here, the button doesn't light up and i can't use the wheel to set speed. also i can't control the VS with the wheel either. to my understanding in citation you can use the nose up/nose down wheel right next to the AP/ALT/IAS/FLC etc. buttons to set IAS and VS if you press the correct buttons but IAS button doesn't work.

also there is autospoiler button that seems to work, at least it says on the screen that autospoiler armed but the button doesn't light up. and there is autobrake buttons but they don't light up either, i don't know if they work at all.

Any solutions?

I know you can popup autopilot control panel and use that but it would be cool if the 3D cockpit buttons would work also.

Other than that the Citation X is really cool and quality addon, one of the best freeware models there is.

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