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One of the main issues with FSX,FSXA is the amount of RAM and freespace it can take up. In order for the program to function properly there are a few things you can do to make the program function well. First is to go to control panel and on appearances, check mark for performance. Then head into ram menu and set page at 5000 to start. Windows uses what you set here as additional ram. Another is to use a USB high GB memory and set it up for teadyboost. Max it out and don't use it for any storage. Rename it Virtual Ram. Now the next step is one of the biggest options for free space you can get. Do a right click on your c drive and go to advanced, scroll to compress files and subfolders check mark ok etc and it'll come up with the start, if it says anything other than go or refused click ignore. It'll go thru, that give you another 4 to 5 gigs just in that. I personally do my Fsx file first then my 86x then my windows files in both 86, when I say Windows I'm referring to the main Windows file, then back to the opening where it shows the lineup for all of C:. Now when you compress it'll give you a msg like one day to complete, it'll read all of the files then it will condense, so don't go crazy, it'll be over quickly. There's over 4 million files and folders on mine and it took about 30 minutes contrary to the warning it gave. Another option is before you start fsx FSXA go to search type %temp% and delete all. The files that won't delete don't worry about. Once you're done all of that remember once you in the sim do whatever setup, then take the toolbar off the screen and always put your mouse off screen,,it will cause glitches. To note any and all shortcuts take away from free space and can cause slowdowns. The start menu is where you want everything. On issues of aircraft not showing it's usually one of two things, it's not fsx, it's p3 or it's not in the correct file. Any questions leave em here or msg me. I have a hundred ways to make Fsx perfect, it takes time. When FS2020 Arrives I'll still be putzin with this as it was a great learning tool, and who wants to throw away over 12 years of work? I'm thinking I'll donate it to a Veterans Hospital. Semper Fidelis, Happy New Year, see you at Time Square.

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