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2 weeks 15 hours ago #1811 by SimFan1996

Hello everybody,

I recently downloaded and have been flying the lovely CRJ-200 pack. I did however notice that the change log indicates there was an aircraft.cfg change that fixed the weight of the aircraft. However, I am noticing that the plane center of gravity loads everything straight to the nose no matter the weight input, even on an empty plane. I am also having issues with the wheels clipping through the runways, causing an extreme amount of hopping as well as nose gear skidding when landing.

I decided to dig into the aircraft.cfg file, and I'm convinced the .cfg changes were not properly added to this download. I find it a bit odd that the datum positions and CG positions are zeroed out all the way across. I have a feeling this is contributing to the payload and fuel issue, as well as the bouncing whenever empty or full.

reference_datum_position= 0.000, 0.000, 0.000
empty_weight_CG_position= 0.000, 0.000, 0.000

Anyone have any advice, idea, download to fix the CoG issues with the plane? And would the CoG issue be the cause of the hopping issues on the taxi-way and runway? I'm out of ideas as I'm not even remotely an expert and have no idea where to start to fix said issues.

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2 weeks 1 hour ago #1813 by señordelfeudo

i think that just sets the center of gravity to the center of the aircraft, when the plane is empty. I haven´t notice bouncing because the airbrakes seem to have an effect but i find it waaaaaay to floaty. Like nose still up at 60 knots after landing. Makes things difficult but more fun, not realistic though.

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