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3 months 1 day ago #1245 by SkipperLP

Hey guys

So in my P3D v3 i've installed some airplanes and sceneries.
The Sceneries r working perfectly but all planes i've installed so far don't work properly.

I legit can't take off...or when i take off, only miles after the runway.
I tried to set my sensitivity on max and the "near Zero thing" (Sry not sure what it's called) down to min. and max...Nothing changed.
In air the controlings are working neighter (or really hard).
Just on ground the rudders work perfectly.

With Pre-installed aircrafts from Prepar3d everything works fine.

Anyone an indea?
Thanks for helping :)

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3 months 14 hours ago #1247 by SkipperLP

UPDATE: Found out that my joystick is extremely wrong calibrated for these airplanes. Set the "Null Zone" to 1 and it got better.
MY Joystick doesn't reach the end off the full axis even in Null Zone 1.
With my Keyboard everything works.

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2 months 3 days ago #1288 by gaztop

Adjust the max weight of the aircraft to empty. then try taking off with minimal flaps.
If you get off the ground, the problem was the weight.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #1295 by JackRiordan

1) In the Windows 10 search bar, type in controller. Click on the option Set Up USB Game Controllers. You can also find this option in your Windows Control Panel underneath the Devices and Printers menu.
2)If you controller or joystick is listed, click it, then click Properties. In the properties, click the settings tab. Click the calibrate button. Follow the instructions to calibrate your device.
3)Open your flight simulator. Go to your options menu. Go to your Axis Assignments. Assign your X Axis to the Aileron Axis. Assign your Y Axis to the Elevator Axis. Make sure to check the box to reverse it, that way pulling back on the stick raises the pitch (nose) of the aircraft. Assign your rudders to whatever other buttons or device that you want to use for rudders.
4) Go to the calibration menu. Make sure flight mode is set to Normal. Reset them to default. After attempting to fly the aircraft, adjust these values as needed.
5) As Gaztop mentioned, Go to your fuel and payload menu and make sure you're not carrying too much fuel or cargo.
6) Prior to takeoff, it is best to follow a checklist for the aircraft. If you don't have one, google one, and follow it.
7) If you manage to takeoff, but find yourself contstantly pulling back on the stick to keep the nose up, you need to assign keys for elevator trim (down) and elevator trim (up). Make sure you have the repeat at max so you can just hold down the button to trim.

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