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7 måneder 4 uger siden #1290 by Dietmar

I have installed your A350 from this link: www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/6/890 , which seems to be
the latest version of this model on the Rikoooo DLL section. Excellent exterior model, however the rudder animation seems
not to be included in the model . I double checked the model with the model converter tool which shows all the
animations for a model, and there is no animation for the rudder. Will that be fixed ?
As an additional comment regarding the 2D panel which is based on the A321. I think this cannot be seen as a solution for this great model.
A F18 HUD display also does not fit at all in a Airbus panel. There are a number of freeware HUDs available for non military
models which would fit much more better in a A350 2D panel. However, this is just a proposal.


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7 måneder 3 uger siden #1292 by Dietmar

Kære alle,
am I the only one who experienced this problem ? At least Rikoooo should reply because on the DLL web side it was told
that all the parts including the rudder are animated. In addition, if I click on the CONTACT button I get this MSG:

So, how do I get a contact to the developer of the model ?? I have not found any mail contact. Did I overseen things ?


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