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  • Gauges Effects Recover Tool FSX & P3D & FS9 2.3   License: Freeware   Size: 68.4 MB
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Legal information and disclaimer about add-ons

The add-on that you are about to download is not a creation of Rikoooo (Note: Rikoooo is the creator indicated in some cases). It is therefore protected by copyright. Rikoooo has only simplified its installation. This is not an intellectual property right. Please therefore observe the copyrights relating to this add-on. Read (s) file (s) "Readme" in the add-on once installed. For questions regarding copyright, please contact the author. This package has been tested on BitDefender and contains no viruses.

The installation is called "clean" because it follows step by step set of instructions provided by the authors, however, Rikoooo cannot be held responsible if any damage was done to your computer.