OFX Calvi St-Catherine Airport LFKC FSX & P3D

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Calvi Sainte-Catherine is a french international airport situated in the north of Corsica, the airport is well known for his particular approach in runway 36 for which a qualification is required.
In 2013 the airport handled more than 302 000 passengers and it is one of the busiest in the island.

Features :

• Detailed rendition of the airport and surrounding commercial area
• 3D light for night scenery
• Car animations
• Bird animations
• Animated 3D people
• Boat in the bay of Calvi
• Aerial imagery
• Complex terrain mesh
• Custom ground polygon
• Numerous custom made static object and aircraft
• Numerous Hand placed and custom made vegetation objects
• Custom made fence of the airport
• Very realistic AFCAD
• Airport charts
• A mesh (16m) of Corsica is included but not activated if you want it just put the file into the scenery file

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OFX Calvi St-Catherine Airport LFKC FSX & P3D Download

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