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EA-7 Edgley Optica MSFS 2020

  • Description of the file

    The Edgley EA-7 Optica is a British light aircraft designed for low-speed observation work and designed as an inexpensive alternative to helicopters. The Optica has a stroll speed of 130 km / h (70 knots; 81 mph) and a stall speed of 108 km / h (58 knots; 67 mph).


    • You can download the new GTN 750 Mod, unzip it in your Community folder. Download link (the basic module is free)
    • Remember that you can turn the winter kit and the Doggo on / off using the buttons near the top of the canopy.
    • Remember that you can switch between the GNS 430/330 and the GTN 750 in flight by using the switch above them.

    Other information 

    You can join Jonx's Discord: Join Jonx's Discord
    Consider donating to support the development of this free mod and other future payware alternatives using the following links: Buy Me A Coffee or PayPal.
    Also consider donating to TwoSeventyInc for all their hard work with this project: Flightsim.to Profile Link

    This add-on is freely available on Rikoooo with permission from the author.
    Installation and uninstallation in one click thanks to the automatic installer of Rikoooo, with auto-detection of your "Community" folder.


  • Changelog

    Updated on 09/08/2021 - Version 2.1

    VERSION 2.1: Sim Update Version 5 (Compatibility):
    - Adding Landing Effects (Snow, Rain, Dirt, Water, Ect)
    - Fixed Dog Button
    - Fixed Winter Kit/Skis Button
    - Added GNS 430/330
    - Added updated GTN 750
    - Added GTN/GNS Swap System Switch
    - Added a new Altimeter Set with working Kollsman Scale
    - Added a new Compass with working Bank, Pitch, and Direction Animations
    - Updated Calibration Knob Meshes
    - Add Hover information (Mouse Over) to most Gauges
    - Added Glass to all Gauges
    - Fixed GPS Disconnect Issues
    - Tweaked Flight Model for SU5.

    Updated on 11/06/2021 - Version 2.0

    Massive Overhaul Update!
    - Trim Sensitivity (Elevator)
    - Trim Sensitivity (Ailerons)
    - Flap Drag/Lift Scaler
    - Aileron Effectiveness
    - Elevator Effectiveness
    - Rudder Effectiveness
    - Landing Gear Compression
    - Landing Gear Animation
    - Heat Effects Added
    - Animated Dog Added
    - Various Engine Tuning
    - Added Realistic Stall
    - Tuned Overspeed Settings
    - Adjusted Blowout Speeds
    - Modified Contact Points
    - Integrate GTN750 HTML
    - Add GTN750 Betzel
    - Fixed Loading Hints
    - Updated File Naming
    - Re-Scalled 4K Texturing
    - Added Normals/Comps
    - Textures has been Overhauled
    - Working Autopilot
    - Memory Leaks (+20 FPS)
    - Interior UV Flickering
    - Weather Effects on Windsheild
    - Added Instrument Views
    - Add Copilot/VR Views
    - Added various Quickviews
    - De-Amp Engine Bass Sound
    - Stall Warning Horn Sensitivity
    - Various Model Improvements
    - Various Animation Smoothing
    - Windsheild interior/exterior fix
    - Fixed LOD 0 and LOD 1 interior
    - Pilot Node positioning
    - RPM Tachymeter (Gauge) Fix
    - Changed Base Livery
    - Removed Aerosoar affiliation
    - Modified Brake Sensitivity
    - Added Winter Kit Sensitivity
    - Aileron Trim Wheel MouseRect
    - Light Effects (Blender)
    - Added Luminance on GTN750
    - Altimeter Barometer issues fix
    - Takeoff Stability
    - Com/Nav Radio setups
    - Ai flight conrol settings
    - Phase of Flight Configurations
    - Electronic Bus/Systems Updated

    Updated on 17/04/2021 - Version 1.2

    - Trim Wheel Animation Fixed (Reversed)
    - 3D Model Improved
    - Texture Overhaul thanks to TwoSeventyInc
    - Removed Paint Kit (Still Available to Download on Flightsim.to)
    - Added % to Trim
    - Changed Trim Neutral
    - Changed Trim Limits
    - Fixed Oil Error, Standby Battery, Fuel Low, and More on GX Touch
    - Slightly Tweaked Overstressing the Aircraft

    Updated on 15/04/2021 - Version 1.1

    - Carbon Fiber Panels + Various Comp/Norm Maps Added 
    - Fixed Reversed Trim Animation
    - Fixed Reversed Left & Right Brakes
    - Increased FPS with Model/HTML Optimization
    - Added Bigger Heat/Exhaust Effects
    - Open/Close Doors with Red Buttons on Top of Yoke
    - Lowered Aircraft Engine Sound
    - Improved Carpet Texture
    - Fixed Carpet Flicker
    - Improved Miscellaneous Interior Texture
    - Fixed Interior Door Frame Flicker
    - Replaced GX Touch with Hype Performance Group's GX Touch
    - Improvements to Auto-Pilot's Internal Functions
    - Fixed GX Touch not displaying Total Fuel Quantity
    - Adjusted Elevator Trim Effectiveness
    - Adjusted Aileron Trim Effectiveness
    - Adjusted VR Camera View Settings
    - Updated Community Paint Kit to include Albedo, Comps, and Normals

    Lunched on 14/042021

    La version initiale de ce fichier vient d'être lancée.

    No changelog

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  • Version2.1

  • Rating
    (5 votes)
  • Size 471 MB

  • Downloads 1 028

  • Created 30 Aug 2021

  • Updated 30 Aug 2021

  • License Freeware external

  • VC 3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Format Native MSFS (glTF) format

  • Auto-install Installer MSFS v1.1

  • Compatibility list :

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020)

  • Author :
  • Brandon Yaeger 'Jonx' (MSFS Developer). Craig Richardson 'ClassicWings78' (Original FSX Developer). Pam Brooker 'Warchild' (Original FSX Flight Model Devloper). TwoSeventyInc (Texture Artist). MSFS (Various Sounds). PMS50 (GTN 750 Mod)

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