Handley-Page Victor FSX & P3D

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License Freeware external
Auto-install : #Installer version 2
Author : Alphasim/Virtavia external
Download For FSX & Steam Edition & P3D v1. *v2 v3 v4 to be tested      #Port-Over no compatible P3Dv4    #3D Virtual Cockpit
Great add-on for FSX or P3D, complete package, VC +  custom gauges + models + custom sound + complete animation + 3 REF & CHECK + 3 Air Force repaint. A must have !

The Handley Page Victor was a British HP.80 strategic bomber. With the Avro Vulcan and the Vickers Valiant, he was part of the trio of V-Bombers, including the United Kingdom launched the development in 1947. Last of the three to have been put into service, it was used as a tanker aircraft until early 1990.

Handley-Page Victor FSX & P3D Download