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Saluton ĉiuj,

I was wondering if anybody had been experiencing any issues with the new IL-76?

Firstly, many thanks, it's an amazing rendition of a great aircraft that I have been waiting for for many years, however I have two issues, one minor, and the other unusual to say the least.

1. I've been trying to figure out the SHIFT+4 control system. Does anybody have this configured for a Saitek X-52?

2. When I end my flight, it minimizes FSX to the right hand lower corner of my screen. I can't seem to move that Window around, and have to End the FSX task to close the sim.
My sim is up to date, and has nothing unusual installed, so I'm sure this may be an issue to others.

If anybody has any ideas on how to fix these items, would you please drop me a reply.



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