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Hello simmers
I have created my own fleet Cevenn'air fleet with FSX basic B738 and CRJ700 I painted myself and I regulary fly with. However I wanted to create my own AI traffic with AIFPv3... Everything is okay to set up AI flights and compile them, When I start FSX Steam it download it as new scenery but when I am going to the Airport where my planes are supposed to show up at the Airport, on time I scheduled with AIFP, any of them show up... I am asking if it is because of FSX Steam. In fact when I want to set up AIFP with Steam (SE) I can't go further. I am obliged to set up as FSX. I have already World of AI traffics and I already tried to set a KLM WoAI B738 on a flight EHAM/LFMT , I meet the same problem ...
I would like to know if there is another way to set up AI traffics without to pass by AIFP... I feel a bit like frustrated :-(
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