some problems with msfs 2020. Joystick issue

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020) is the next generation flight simulator and the already legendary successor to Microsoft FSX.
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some problems with msfs 2020. Joystick issue

Unread post by fflorent »

Hi all,
Following Rikoo since a long time, i send my first message.
After having FS 95/2000/2004/X P3DV4... I've recently bought fs 2020.
I ve put all the axes and button of my Saitek X52 pro like it was on P3D V4 ( and it was on fsx). Then I tried several test flight everything is ok, i can control the plane... wonderful!!!

But, when I try to make a free flight, like today with the CJ4 from Malta airport, i' have all the buttons of the joystick working... but no axis. the aircraft is full power from the begining, lift of is automatic...
So for the moment, i continue the navigation flights missions with the Xcub and the Savage Cub...

is there anyone with the same problem and better... with a solution?

thanks and fly safe


ford fender
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some problems with msfs 2020. Joystick issue

Unread post by ford fender »

I too have X52 pro ,,ill let you know when i get the Sim ,,,next week

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some problems with msfs 2020. Joystick issue

Unread post by sirpres »

I have a Saitek AV8R Joystick. It doesn't work either. I checked the compatibility list and no Saitek joysticks are supported. Luckily, I had an old Logitech joystick, which is supported. Hopefully, Saitek will be supported in the future.

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some problems with msfs 2020. Joystick issue

Unread post by Flightsimboy69 »

How to connect joystick/yoke to MSFS2020?
Follow the number of these pictures. ;)
119182153_763700977803631_477849141200746861_n.jpg (46.71 KiB) Viewed 1843 times
119176381_309211733711265_7812258368292573103_n.jpg (40.62 KiB) Viewed 1843 times
119254060_1040185699743920_9161177339444429013_n.jpg (69.99 KiB) Viewed 1843 times
119228415_321761905917995_4564865073085318517_n.jpg (90.29 KiB) Viewed 1843 times
119192568_336912807366679_2794075641648727154_n.jpg (79.29 KiB) Viewed 1843 times
119220937_3359384047477097_3484371621700615606_n.jpg (108.9 KiB) Viewed 1843 times

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some problems with msfs 2020. Joystick issue

Unread post by Dimiko »

sirpres wrote:I have a Saitek AV8R Joystick. It doesn't work either. I checked the compatibility list and no Saitek joysticks are supported. Luckily, I had an old Logitech joystick, which is supported. Hopefully, Saitek will be supported in the future.
There are no Saitek joysticks there. The name is Logitech, click on "Logitech - Flight Yoke System" and you'll see it. It's full compatible...

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some problems with msfs 2020. Joystick issue

Unread post by junglejim »

As an advanced Beta Tester over the years for several platforms, actually All of them to date, Saitek (now logitech), for Win 10 the Multi Panel, Switch Panels, and the Radio panels, have
"No" Drivers that run for "Any" of the platforms under Windows 10. This includes MSFS 2020. MSFS 2020 also has "No" present drivers as of this post for the X52 "Logitech" Pro under win 10
nor the new MSFS 2020 sadly. The X52 has been out for a long time, hence MSFS 2020 should have had these drivers ready, "Period". I won't go there, as I have just got a Full Refund for this.
I also own the X52. This is a Microsoft Issue, "Only". MS will of course tell you you need to update the usual. Bottom Line is simple peeps, there are no drivers for Win 10 at the present moment.
I run whats called a Mult-Boot Platform and have several options on boot up, [ Windows 7, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 10 Professional ]. Purposely. I Own P3D v4.5 Professional Plus, FSX-SE,
FSX w/Acceleration, TAC-PAC, for all platforms, and XPlane 11.41. This is only my Opinion, MSFS was pushed off the Shelf entirely to Early. On all of the rest of my Sim Platforms Under Win 10, NONE of my "Logitech"(saitek, multi-panels work). The Logitech X52 however does work perfectly under Everything But MSFS 2020. This is not and issue with your PC Hardware wise.
I have Hence, decided to stick with what Works, "KISS"......Keep It Simple Stupid. Windows 7 all platforms time in and time out has always proven to me to be Reliable, always.
In closing, Peter Dowson who we all know , has "NO" near future plans on Drivers for MSFS 2020, (this should tell us all something peeps in English). As with everyone else, I am not sure when
or what exactly are MSFS Future Plans for Drivers etc., I am hopeful for all of you that have purchased this. Time will tell for sure My specs for my system are below for those interested, and I Just
Tweaked by with MSFS 2020 for good Frame Rates, just barely. This again should have been made aware to the Public FULLY before release. Check your Specs on your system , you'll need almost
Doubled the Bare Min required.
My Specs...barely made it ;
"Dark Canyon" Intel i7 4790K HD3 Haswell, w/Gigabyte Motherboard. Clock: 4.4ghz. OC. up to 5.2ghz.
32gb total Ram. 3000mhz.oc. SSD Boot Drive at 2TB. 12TB on 2 other Drivers SATA III 6.0gbs.
Video Card: Zotac OC Nvidia 960GTX, HDMI, DVI, and 4 DP Ports Dual Slots.4GB on Card.
Power Supply : 850watts, Gigabyte Gold Edition.
Internet Speeds: Download=157gbs, Upload=44gbs. This barely made rendering maps possible.
Hope this helps everyone, and hope all is Safe and Well.

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some problems with msfs 2020. Joystick issue

Unread post by Nitrical »

Have a look at SPAD next.
I configure all my peripherals with spadnext, because profiles can be created specifically for each plane and it activates the profiles automatically when the plane gets loaded in the sim.
You can assign axes, buttons etc in SPAD Next. And with way more possibilities than in the sim itself.

It works great in P3D & FSX. And what I read it is currently already compatible with MSFS2020. (Although simconnect in MSFS2020 seems to be troublesome sometimes from what I've read)
It isn't cheap though, and in the beginning it can be little confusing. But once you get the hang of it, than the possibilities are nearly endless. And if you have Saitek FIP's, than you can even go further. They offer way more and nicer panels than the standard ones for the FIP.
There is a free demo, with full possibilities, but 10 day time limit before you have to buy.

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Re: some problems with msfs 2020. Joystick issue

Unread post by StonewallUSMC »

When you doing a setup there are a part one and two on controllers, first make sure you have the driver installed for the device, and I know most people do think that its automatically done, it all depends on if and when the devices driver was instituted and if there were changes by the developer. On one of my setups I use a Nintendo, and it always worked fine, but just recently after a flawed very typical nowadays Win 10 2004 update it removed what it considers harmful to the system. Yes, with the new Win 10 2004 update the Win Defender is picking off files that under some circumstances it deletes files and ar unrecoverable, as did to one of my systems last week with the cd usb assist, including my partition.
According to Microsoft there is also an issue with the cloud and the Win Defender and a few other issues they havent worked out yet, so i myself turned off all updates. Thats why for security i keep one entire program with Win 7 because they dont get updates and thats one backup i have that has all my work from 2007 to present.
As far as your device id do a search and see if you need an updated driver, i would also go into settings controller and do a setup then go into advanced and make sure by doing an advanced setup.
although I tested the BETA 2020 application I can see already that the FS2020 is getting a bunch of updates and thats exactly why I wont put out all of that cash for a program thats not basically perfected. In Europe the issue is weather and setup, and in other locations they are having issues with visuals.

I see that quite a few simpilots are having issues with the FSX weather, Thats because the feed from Microsoft ended a few years back when they hooked up with Google for the new application being FS2020. From what I was told by Microsoft they said that it was causing too much draw worldwide on the internet and the toolbars and it was outdated which it pretty much was before it even got started.

Most of us that have been with the FSX application from 2007 to present lost quite alot of patience and hair the first few years dealing with anomalies and glitches in FSX and again, it was the community that solved all but two issues and that was SP1 and SP2, and along came the acceleration add on which included SP2.

The most important issues were the lack of a manual for info and the SDK hiden and not installed into the FSX and of course learning the CFG files location and how to use it to your advantage. There is a site that has all of that and a full how and detailed information just like a handbook to detail the aspects of changes and what the in game sliders provide and more importantly what they dont. Patience is the virtue of more patience, and id say take this downtime while you can and get into the configuration. MEMFIX=1 Is one of the most important and DisablePreload is another but look up fsx cfg and youll find the site, like I said, some sites will allow you to refer to another site for info some wont. Thanks to the Rikoooo community things have gotten alot better, and the upscaled downloads and fantastic auto installers make SimWorld a better place. If Rikoooo will allow me to do so, and you request it, Id be glad to take you or anyone thru my insiders look of the facts and fixes for the cfg, and all of the things in your computer that has a tendency to destroy the simple fun of flight whilst eliminating all of the things you dont need in a compiter like glamour and whats eating up all of your memory.

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Re: some problems with msfs 2020. Joystick issue

Unread post by SMOKE@STORM »

I run with a THRUSTMASTER STICK X V4. Changing button assignments took me about 1 hour and three India Pale Ales to set things right. Very frustrating but the IPA's calmed me down to complete it. :)
Best wishes and happy flying,

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Re: quelques problèmes avec msfs 2020. Problème joystick

Unread post by jlqro »

problème avec T-FLIGHT STICK X V3
il fonctionnait mais maintenant ne fonctionne plus sauf avec les vols d entrainement
fonctionne normalement avec prepar v5

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