Hollow models of aircrafts

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Hollow models of aircrafts

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so lately I have a problem with most addons I've downloaded, mainly it's about the fuselage and sometimes, the cockpit.

Example: https://i.imgur.com/uiiGT7e.png

Most addons I've downloaded (to be specific, the 707, the Fokker 27, the Boeing 717, and a few others in the past) have hollow fuselages and most solutions to that are "disable DirectX viewing thing on the customize menu" which I don't have.

can anyone who has dealt with and solved this before help me? Thanks! :D

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Re: Hollow models of aircrafts

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Hi, you need to install SP1 and SP2 patches. Then you will have DirectX 10 Preview mode showing up.

Google will help you to find those patches.
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Re: Hollow models of aircrafts

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Or buy FSX:SE for a few €.

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