B773ER Problems

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B773ER Problems

Unread post by Dariussssss »

OK,i have the newest B773ER Philippines from here,and there's a problem with hydraulics. One of the systems, seems empty,and no matter what I do,it stays like that. Because of that,I'm just barely able to steer and brake on the ground. Everything else seems OK,it flies nice.

On the upper ECAM screen,there's a list of errors with hydraulics. All of them have something to do with hydraulics system C,and on the lower ECAM,that one is really empty.

I also have a B772 pack downloaded from here,with a same VC ,but without errors.

So,any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance.
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B773ER Problems

Unread post by Gh0stRider203 »

Fire the maintenance guys, and get a new crew?

All joking aside...unfortunately I don't have this bird, so there's not much I can do.

Have you looked at all the panels by chance?
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