France A343 at Bogota on Mar 11th 2017, abnormally long takeoff run

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France A343 at Bogota on Mar 11th 2017, abnormally long takeoff run

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An Air France Airbus A340-300, registration F-GLZU performing flight AF-423 from Bogota (Colombia) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) with 275 people on board, departed Bogota's runway 13R (length 3,800 meters/12,470 feet, elevation 2,548 meters/8,360 feet) at 18:56L (23:56Z) and continued to Paris for a safe landing without further incident.

On Apr 25th 2017 the BEA reported that the aircraft needed an abnormally long takeoff run. The occurrence was rated a serious incident and is being investigated by the BEA having been delegated the investigation by Colombia's GRIAA.

According to preliminary information the aircraft crossed the runway end at about 5 feet above ground instead of 35 feet AGL.

The airline reported a similar occurrence happened also on Apr 4th 2017 to the same aircraft. As an immediate safety action the airline reduced the maximum takeoff weight permitted for Bogota by 5 to 8 tons, either less cargo or less fuel perhaps requiring a fuel stop at Guadeloupe as suitable. It is being considered to use the Boeing 787 in the future should the A340-300 available performance turn out as the cause.

SKBO 120100Z 33009KT 9000 VCSH BKN015 12/11 A3032 RMK VCSH/NW=
SKBO 120000Z 31004KT 9000 VCSH SCT015CB SCT070 13/10 A3029 RMK CB/VCSH/NW=
SKBO 112300Z 35006KT 9000 VCSH SCT015CB SCT070 13/10 A3025 RETSRA RMK CB/VCSH/LTNG/NW/=
SKBO 112200Z 25007KT 6000 2500NW -TSRA SCT015CB SCT070 13/10 A3022 RETSRA RMK CB/NW/S=
SKBO 112126Z 06009KT 2500 +TSRA SCT017CB SCT070 15/12 A3022 RMK CB/N/SE=
SKBO 112100Z 29010KT 7000 -TSRA SCT020CB SCT070 18/12 A3020 RMK CB/NE/SE=
SKBO 112000Z 30010KT 9999 SCT020 SCT070 20/12 A3020=
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