Project Airbus A32x FD-FMC v1.55 : no list of SID/STAR at the FMC

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Project Airbus A32x FD-FMC v1.55 : no list of SID/STAR at the FMC

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I post this question because I can not get out of trouble for several days.
My problem: after the installation of Project Airbus A32x FD-FMC v1_55 (software downloaded from when I launch the application from P3D_v4 free flight with a free flight plan from Nice-Côte d'Azur to London Heathrow, and after starting engines on the FMC I do not have the SID / STAR list and the FMC keyboard is inactive.
I have noticed that the installation manual of the addon indicates that this kind of incident must come from a bad installation of XMLTools3D.dll or a bad declaration in the DLL.xml but I do not see the mistake I made in my installation.

What I have done:
- since 2 months I went from FSX Gold Edition to P3D v4; I had previously installed this Airbus project on FSX without problems and it worked normally;
- before migrating to P3D I uninstalled FSX and my addons;
- after the installation of P3D I reinstalled FSX (except Acceleration) to recover planes contained in FSX but absent in P3D, without problem;
- I reinstalled and used the A320 Familly Mega pack from Rikoooo, no problem;
- I downloaded Project Airbus A32x v1_55 and installed it following the installation manual (manual installation for P3D v4); I noticed some discrepancies between the installation manual and the software tree
§5: I copied XMLTools3D.dll into C Programs Lockheed_Martin Prepar3D_v4
§5: I created the "Modules" folder in C Programs Lockheed_Martin Prepar3D_v4 where I pasted LoggerX.dll
§7: The FD-FMC_database.kmz file was not in the FD_FMC folder but in FD_FMC Doc & Manuals; I copied it to the FD-FMC file;
§7: the file FMC_Path.ini is missing from v1.55, so I have recovered the FMC_Path.ini from my previous version v1.0 and copied it in the folder FD_FMC
§8.2: The DLL.xml file is in C ProgramData Lockheed Martin Prepar3D_v4; I add the two specified declarations (XMLTools and LoggerX); contrary to what is indicated I wonder if this file is in the main folder of P3D as indicated;
- And when I launched my free flight I encountered the problem
- I used Project Airbus A32x 1_55 from FSX (installation is automatic); I met 2 problems to know not display overhead with ↑ 5 and no FMC with ↑ 7; that I solved by installing FSX Acceleration; and then my flight Nice> London with SID / STAR worked perfectly.
There is also a clue that may be important, namely that when I use FSX I have security messages to accept XMLTools.dll as safe file and trust software, security messages that I do not have when I use P3Dv4.

If anyone can tell me how to get out of this bad situation with P3D v4, I would be very grateful.
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