Anyone interested in flying with lots of AI on my server ???

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS2004) is a video game developed by Microsoft Games studios, released in 2003 on PC. Around the world people still play on FS2004 decades later.
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Anyone interested in flying with lots of AI on my server ???

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See website for details

Will set up group flight in near future if enough interest.

my contact is [email protected]

I use Rikooo downloads for 737 and 747 livery packs

Can not fly AI in multiplayer on Steam, but JoinFS is great and you can fly Steam, Box, or any other Flight Sim in free flight.

I will not be using TeamSpeak and it looks like they charge for a server now....

If interested, just let me know

See pics attached of me messing with Ai Flight Planner. .my server, and JoinFS
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