Evening All

We encourage new members to introduce themselves here. Get to know one another and share your interests.
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Evening All

Unread post by mickod88 »

Evening Fellow Simmers!!

Been a member on Rikoooo now for over 6 months, finally got round to introducing myself as i'm not away as much now so can get some good P3D time under my belt again!

My name is Mick, and i'm from Lossiemouth in Scotland, currently serving as an Avionics Technician with the RAF. Looking forward to learning much more about P3D from the most experienced and hopefully then pass on my knowledge to other newbies in the future.

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Evening All

Unread post by rikoooo »

Hello Mick,

Welcome to the forum, thank you for introducing yourself.

I hope you will enjoy this forum, the whole forum is new and need some activities so please do not hesitate to post here and bring your valuable knowledge to the others.

Happy flight,
Bon vols - Happy Flights

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Evening All

Unread post by Gh0stRider203 »

Aye, I second that! Welcome, and thank you for your service! :)
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