Fun with Freeware aircraft part (3)

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Fun with Freeware aircraft part (3)

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Fun with Freeware aircraft (part 3)

Here is that last post for this subject ( Once again please read part 1 and 2 )

So we have made the KLM 737 more like a payware aircraft but there are still some things we can do. If you followed part 1 &

2, then you did download the 717-200 from the website. With this install, you automatically added an FDSFX pop-

up which allows you to have a crew on board via switches on the panel. Of course if you are using FS-Passenger

then it might seem redundant however there may times when you want to fly without FSP.

Let's say you always use FSP and see no need to use the FDSFX pop-up, You can always edit and change the audio for each

individual switch to music files or any other MP3 format. Once the 717-200 was installed, automatic install placed the main

audiophile in FSX's main sound folder. Once you open the main sound folder you will see a file marked "FDSFX". Here are

where the audio mp3 files are stored:

01_Gate Ambience
02_Airport Ambience
03_Boarding Muzak
04_Boarding Muzak
05_Boarding Muzak
06_Turbulance ON_Ann
07_Turbulance OFF
08_Gate Departure_Ann
09_Pushback_Capt Marcus
10_Safety Message_Ann
11_Safety Video_Generic
12_Take-Off_Capt Marcus
14_Cruise_Capt Marcus
15_Meal Service_Lis
17_Begin Descent_Capt Marcus
18_On Approach_Ann
19_On Final_Capt Marcus
20_Taxi To Gate_Ann
21_Gate Arrival_Capt Marcus

Needless to say if you have used this panel the audio quality is not that great. You can clean up the default files with MixPad

Multitrack Recording Software free and available on line at:
Click on the "download free version here" section.
Take the file you wish to clean up Example : ( 18_On Approach_Ann ) then copy & paste it into Mixpad. Click on the effects

Icon and use the Equalizer( Visual) while playing the audiophile. Adjust the settings where you get the best sound and click

apply. Try boosting and cutting freq. to get a good sound.If you find that the engine rumble is overbearing try cutting freq

between 100 and 250hz. If the Highs are distorted try cutting the freq around 5 to 7 khz then boost up the middle freqs. If the

volume is too low you can boost it by clicking on the Amplify Icon and increase the volume up to 400%. Once completed click

on Home and then export it to your downloads folder in windows. Exit out of MixPad. You will be asked if you want to save "

select no "
Open your download folder and there will be a file named "Default Project" This is the file you edited. Drag it to your

desktop then rename it (18_On Approach_Ann). You can now copy and paste it into the FDSFX sound folder and when

prompted select Copy and Replace. You have now replaced the original poor audio quality file with your new improved


You can replace all the files listed above with any MP3 you wish. Lets say you want to replace( 01_Gate Ambience) with a

music file in your MP3 library. You would simply drag a copy of that music file to your desktop and rename it( 01_Gate

Ambience) then copy & paste it into the main FDFSX sound folder and select copy and replace when prompted.

Note: The MixPad download includes a free file converter program called NCH Suite. With this program you can convert

MP3's into Wave sounds making it possible to edit and change any sound file

Okay now we will add a pushback and taxi speed panel to the KLM 737. This program is a freeware known as

Groundhandling5 . Go to this website:


Once downloaded before you extract it create a file in your documents folder and name it "Groundhandling5" then drag it to

your desktop. Extract all the files from your download into the Groundhandling5 folder you created.
Now open your main FSX

folder then Copy & Paste "Groundhandling5" into your main FSX sound folder. You will only have to do this once.

Now open the KLM 737 file from the FSX simobjects / Airplanes folder. Locate the planes panel folder then copy and paste the
RCB_Groundhandling5 Cabinet File into the KLM 737's Panel Folder ( These are the gauges for Groundhandling5)

Copy and Paste the RCB_Groundhandling5_Sound.dll in to the KLM 737's Panel Folder( this file tells FSX to use the sound
from the main sound folder)

Last open the README file and you will find the following section:

window_size= 0.20,0.09
window_pos= 0.0,0.05
gauge00=RCB_Groundhandling5!PushbackDisplay, 2,2,74,61
gauge01=RCB_Groundhandling5!PushbackStates, 0,0
gauge02=RCB_Groundhandling5!Taxispeed, 79,2,64,61
//gauge03=RCB_Groundhandling!UseToebrakePedals, 0,0
gauge04=RCB_Groundhandling5!Brakes, 146,2,56,61
gauge05=RCB_Groundhandling5_Sound!dsd_xml_sound3, 0,0,0,0, ./Sound/Groundhandling5/Sound.i

Open the KLM Panel.cfg file and the top section should look like this :

[Window Titles]
window00=Main Panel
Window03=Throttle Panel
Window04=Overhead Panel
Window05=FlightDeck SFX panel
Window06=Door Control
Window07=Trim Panel
Window11=Mini Panel
Window12=Vertical Speed
Window15=Wind Gauge
Window16=Backup HSI
Window17=Backup Altimeter
Window18=Backup Attitude
window19=Flaps Large
Window21=Radio Stack

Right under Window21=Radio Stack type in Window22=Groundhandling5

Now scroll down till you find:


gauge00=737-400!Comm 1, 0, 0,159, 68
gauge01=737-400!Comm 2, 0, 68,159, 68
gauge02=737-400!Nav 1, 0, 135,159, 68
gauge03=737-400!Nav 2, 0, 203,159, 68
gauge04=737-400!Transponder, 0, 271,159, 68
gauge05=737-400!ADF, 0, 340,159, 68
gauge06=737-400!Audio, 0, 409,159, 32

Right under this section is where you will copy and paste:

[Window**]------------Change the ** to 22 so it reads [Window22]
window_size= 0.20,0.09
window_pos= 0.0,0.05
gauge00=RCB_Groundhandling5!PushbackDisplay, 2,2,74,61
gauge01=RCB_Groundhandling5!PushbackStates, 0,0
gauge02=RCB_Groundhandling5!Taxispeed, 79,2,64,61
//gauge03=RCB_Groundhandling!UseToebrakePedals, 0,0 ------------Delete the // at the begining of this line!!!
gauge04=RCB_Groundhandling5!Brakes, 146,2,56,61
gauge05=RCB_Groundhandling5_Sound!dsd_xml_sound3, 0,0,0,0, ./Sound/Groundhandling5/Sound.i

To test it : Start FSX and once you are loaded up in the KLM 737, press your alt key ( the menu bar should appear at the top of

the screen) select view / Instrument Panel / and click on Groundhandling5. Make sure it works then close FSX.

Last Fixing Switches:

With the changes we made so far you may have noticed there is no sound when you select Fasten Seatbelt & No Smoking


This is a rather easy fix and I left it for last because I wanted you to understand audiophile issues first. Now that we covered

that area lets fix it. First you have aircraft in the FSX default collection that have working seatbelt and no smoking switches

with bell tones so we will need to open one of these aircraft folders. Once again in the FSX main folder / simobjects /

airplanes. Find the Airbus_A321 folder and open it.
Open the sound folder and locate the file marked"sound" then open it.
Scroll down and copy& paste this section to your notepad:



The top sections cue FSX to the individule switches involved.
The bottom section ( filename=CabinAlert ) tells FSX to pull the audio from the main FSX sound folder.

Now open the KLM sound folder and there will also be a file marked "sound". Open the sound file and copy & paste these

sections at the very bottom of the list. Always keep a space between sections.

You should now have a bell tone when using these switches.

I hope you have learned a lot here. Once you practice these tricks you will get to a point when you download a freeware

aircraft and extract it to your desktop, it will be second nature to do these fixes before you install it into FSX. You will be able

to tell whats up just by looking at the aircrafts cfg file and panel folder not to mention the sound folder. We covered that issue

in part 1.

In future posts I will teach you how to install a 2D cockpit into aircraft that don't include them. How to add GPS/ Autopilot/

Radio/ and other pop-up windows on aircraft that don't have them, and then how to install a virtual cockpit which is a bit

more tricky.

Good Landings,
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