Canary Islands in P3Dv4.2

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Canary Islands in P3Dv4.2

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I can´t get the photo scenery to work in P3Dv4.2. I made an automatic install. Does any here know if it will work in version 4.2. Thre is no difference in the scenery if I disengage the photo scenery and use the default P3D scenery.

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Canary Islands in P3Dv4.2

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Hi, Thomas,

Does the scenery show up in the scenery library of P3D v4 ? This is the most important .

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Canary Islands in P3Dv4.2

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If worse comes to worse . do a manual install. Create a folder through documents and name it " Canary Islands " Put the folder on your desktop . Select a manual install and select the folder you created as the download location . Once the folder is loaded, copy and place that folder in P3D v4 Add-ons folder located in your documents folder. Start P3D V4 program . Press the Alt key to bring up the menu bar . Select World / Scenery Library / And then Add Area... , now select the folder located in documents ...Then activate. This should activate the scenery . The folks at Lockheed put the P3D v4 Add-ons folder in your documents folder because should you have to reload the program...all your scenery add-ons will still be there. In that way you don't have to reload all your scenery from scratch . All you have to do is reactivate the files.
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Canary Islands in P3Dv4.2

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HI there. I did a manual install into P3dV4.2 and it went in perfectly OK ...Looks very very nice
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