Canary Islands v4 installer

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Canary Islands v4 installer

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I am noobie to P3D and am having trouble negotiating the add-on.xml. I can't get my P3D V4 installation to use the Rikoooo Canary Islands fotoreal scenery. I can add it to the Scenery Library so it shows in that prioritised list (as number 1) but i can't get P3D to use the scenery. I've never done enough to get the 'add-on' to appear as such in the Add-on manager in the P3D GUI.

I've stolen add-on.xml files from the internet and edited them for my files and folders, still no worky.

What's the chances of a P3D v4add-on scenery installer by Rikoooo? Or by others?

many thanks
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