Bush Strips and Saved Flight Files

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Bush Strips and Saved Flight Files

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Re: Finding, cataloguing, and sharing of saved flights that put you near very rough airstrips in remote places in the world. Or, more broadly, cataloging "saved flight" files of all manner of interesting situations.

Ahoy. FSXer since version 2.

I like all manner of flying, it's such an interestingly different experience flying the heavies versus the bush planes.

But I especially enjoy the challenge of finding really remote, rough strips in remote areas and trying to master landing on them.

Inspired by the TV show "The Worst Place In The World To Fly" I got the Papua New Guinea scenery and researched some of the mountain-side strips they fly into to service tiny villages with barely more than a putting green cleared for it.

And I live in Maine, where I've found a number of abandoned rough airstrips deep in the woods where lumber companies cut them and no longer need them.

But it has been so ridiculously *convoluted* to find these kinds of things, despite that i know that many virtual pilots love bush flying.

There are some collections as freeware or payware of "Most Dangerous" airports and the like, and OrbX includes a .KMZ Google-Map file of tiny airstrips in it's "NA Pacific Fjords" product, but frustratingly, NOT for most of their products.

So finding, and then getting back to, and cataloguing, challenging bush airstrips is ridiculously awkward. I google for information in the real-world about where there are rough bush strips, then try to find someone's really expensive scenery that might cover that area, then try to find the strip inside of FSX in that scenery, then get my aircraft in some orientation and distance from the strip that it will be fun to come back another time and practice landing there, so I can save it as a Flight, using the name I give it to organize them in some way, like "SceneryLanding - OrbX - Pacific Fjords - <StripName>" -- and thence there is constantly needing to back up all FSX flights after all that work to get a simple scenario saved that will put me near a RL rough bush strip that I have decent scenery for.

I have been really surprised that I haven't found many examples of people collecting or trading or putting up repositories of, "saved flight" files for FSX that put you in some interesting scenarios like approaching an almost impossibly short and rough airstrip running up a mountainside...

This is my favorite way to enjoy the thing that tickles the brains of people like us most deliciously, which is HOTAS *landings*!

So A, Does anyone know of a place where there are archived Flight-file scenarios that are categorized, or grouped, or described, or anything?

And B, If not, would that be a worthy project for a passionate virtual pilot who also happens to build websites for a living?

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