Problems with 727-200 154 liveries pack

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Problems with 727-200 154 liveries pack

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Strobe lights doesn't work, well one of the landing lights start to flash with strobe switch on :silly:
Can't manually tune in COMM or NAV frequencies, doesn't matter if i use mouse click or mousewheel, doesn't work in VC or 2D radio panel
Nose wheel only turns in one direction, the plane itself turns fine but the wheel only turns in one direction.

Also if i want to do ILS landing, should i put the AP mode switch NAV/LOC first to catch LOC and then turn it to auto g/s position to the catch the glideslope? also if i put the gps as nav source and put AP mode switch to nav/loc it doesn't follow the gps route but when i put it to auto g/s it starts to follow the route but then i can't control the vertical speed from the autopilot controls, i have to manually pull/push the yoke or use trim to set it to climb/descent.

What is the difference between auto g/s and man g/s?
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