767-300 Package A/C Lighting

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767-300 Package A/C Lighting

Unread post by AlexGLA »

Hi all,

I have download quite a few of these amazing freeware packages, I love the 767!

I have not noticed anyone else talking about this, so I am not sure if it is just an issue with mine.

All lights on the A/C are awesome and the reflection on the ground.... but I have no control over them other than the Landing lights. I cannot switch of the Strobe lights or Beacon independently.

When I switch off the Nav lights in the panel or VC it switches all of them off? No other switch works other than the Landing lights and Nav (Which switches everything off)

After I swapped panels the lights disappear completely back to what is stored in the Aircraft.cfg. I want to keep the lights as they are excellently modelled. So it makes me thing they are linked to the panel?

Hoping someone can help :)
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767-300 Package A/C Lighting

Unread post by crj200 »

I have the same problem with the lights, not sure how to fix it.
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