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Installation problems of B787

Posted: 21 Dec 2020, 18:30
by gero-1954
Hallo everybody,

how can I install the Boeing 787 in P3D4?

I choose "manual installation" to C:\Prepar3D4 (which is the main path for P3D on my PC), the installation process seems to run perfectly, it is installed to C:\Prepar3D4\SimObjects\Boeing 787-8 (and -9 and -10) VC Riko - but after starting Prepar3d, none of the B787's are included in the vehicle's list.
Trying to re-install, the installer first prompts to de-install (correct - done without any errors), and afterwards installing it in any other path, the same effects occurs again. P3D doesn't find the B787's.

Remark: I've got FS-X and FS-X:SE on my machine, too, but I doen't use them anymore. Does this cause problems?

What's wrong? Thanks for helping me, Gero

Re: Installation problems of B787

Posted: 23 Dec 2020, 01:54
by Bedlamsquare
That installation path is wrong for a start. It should be in ...SimObjects\Airplanes\Boeing 787 etc. For what it's worth, it does work in P3D v5. I have it installed and it's fabulous. I also have P3D v4 and FSX:SE on my machine and it isn't causing any problems.

Re: Installation problems of B787

Posted: 23 Dec 2020, 06:52
by rikoooo

Why don't you choose automatic installation instead of manual ?

Re: Installation problems of B787

Posted: 23 Dec 2020, 07:25
by gero-1954
Hi Guys, thanks for both answers!

My answer in both cases is:
Because the installer gives me the possibility to install in a path of my choice (and that's good), I want to use it and I expect that it works. Otherwise, if it does NOT work, why do I have that not-working possibiltiy at all ?!

And a second answer:
I want to use my own path to guarantee a certain clear arrangement of all data on my hard drive. If I don't, each add-on creates it's own subdirectory, and at lastest after 10 add ons you don't know anymore WHERE WHICH add on data can be found. Result: total confusion !

Thus, I try to install everything in the same principal subdirectory, e.g. C:\P3D\addons. And normally it works .... giving me a perfect overview over many many addons.

I never use automatic installation ... in most cases you do not have any overview of what happens.

Nevertheless, I try the automatic installation in this case. Hope the installer gives me the possibility to uninstall completely if it does not work ....

Thanks again .... gero

Re: Installation problems of B787

Posted: 23 Dec 2020, 10:38
by gero-1954
Hi again,

well, that's it - use "Automatic installation", then it works!

All your simulators (FSX, FSX:SE, P3D...) are detected, and before the installation starts,
you can choose for which simulator the 787 shall be installed. Further step are automatic.

Great Job, your B787!

Greetings and thanks again, gero

Re: Installation problems of B787

Posted: 23 Dec 2020, 11:53
by rikoooo
Good to ear that your issue is resolved.

This is why I have created this automatic installer, to make your life more easy.

If you want to uninstall, you have 2 ways, from the program list of Windows, or from Start menu, Rikoooo Add-ons - productname - uninstall productname

Happy landings

Re: Installation problems of B787

Posted: 23 Dec 2020, 13:26
by Bedlamsquare
The manual installation method does work, if you do it correctly, which you haven't. I always install all my add-ons to a separate directory, for the same reason you mentioned. It keeps my installation of P3D 'clean'. The Rikoooo installer is excellent because it lets me install the aircraft exactly where I want without making unwanted entries in the simulator's files. However, if you install the aircraft anywhere other than the 'correct' place - ...SimObjects\Airplanes\Boeing 787, the simulator doesn't know it's there. You have to tell it where to find it. You do that using .xml files. It's easy to do. If you look at the other add-ons in your Addons folder, you will see that they all have an .xml file. This is the 'map' so P3D can find all the rest of the files for the addon. You need to create an .xml file for the B787. I did exactly that yesterday and it works perfectly. Some installers create that .xml file automatically and 'register' it with P3D. The Rikoooo installer doesn't (and I prefer it that way), so you have to do it yourself. Or just install automatically.

To be honest, to get an aircraft of this quality, with a proper installer, lots of repaints and working VC with glass panels for free is incredible. I have payware aircraft that are nowhere near this good. Superb work, Erik, keep it up.