B787_1.0 Problem with saving flight.

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B787_1.0 Problem with saving flight.

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I have a problem with a save when I fly a Boeing 787. When I start the flight everything works perfectly with the aircraft. The problem is when I select "save flight" from the menu.
At this point the simulation ends and I am greeted with my desktop. This happens every time. I can prepare the plane for flight, take off, etc. but as soon as I try to save the flight to return to it later the fun stops for good.
This situation also happened when I tried to change the weather.

I also fly a Boeing 737 and there are no problems there. The flight can be saved without any problem.

What could be the reason? Uninstalling and reinstalling did not help.
I should add that an earlier version of the B787 package worked without this problem.

I am using P3D v 4.5 Academic

This is my first post so greetings to all.
Cheers from Poland :cheer:
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Re: B787_1.0 Problem with saving flight.

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I'm having the same problem, but in my case, it happens even with early versions, still didn't get an answer, I'm also using P3D V4.5, I uninstalled the addon cuz there's no way to fly with this problem, when will they answer?
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