Use of local radio stations as ADF locator

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Use of local radio stations as ADF locator

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Does anyone know of any FSX software that allows you to enter the URL of a radio station, fix the coordinates of its antenna and establish its range, in order to use it in the ADF?

In Chile there are many small towns with local airports without VOR and NDB’s, but with local radio stations, which are normally used by pilots as locators.

That information would be very valuable to use it in the FSX.
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Re: Use of local radio stations as ADF locator

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I do not know if FSX / P3D is designed to use radiostations as navaids.
I expect that if you can set the frequency in your radiopanel, that you can navigate to it. But you'll have create some sort of add-on scenery or updated nav package with the required details for the radiostations that do not exist in FSX / P3D.

I would not start editing the default navigation database, unless you know exactly what your are doing.

But you can heck out this site:
They offer updates for Navdata and tools to edit. haven't used it yet myself.
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