Boeing 787 CTD in P3D V4.5

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Boeing 787 CTD in P3D V4.5

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Hi, I downloaded the 787 Family with VC from here for my P3D V4.5, and I'm having a CTD Bug:

When I start a flight, everything seems to be ok, but after a few minutes of flight, the Speed and Altitude gauges disappear from the PFD, and I can't access the P3D Pause menu, and if I try to open the map, or edit the scenario, it instantly crashes to the desktop, without any error or message, the Event Log points to "kernelbase.dll"

does anyone know a way to fix this?

Additional Notes:

P3D V4.5 HF3 Latest Version.
All graphics card drivers fully updated (I also tried with old ones, no success).
Only happens with the 787 from here, doesn't happen with any other addon.
I don't have any additional module using XML that pop-up during flights.
I don't use any graphics or scenery addon.
I don't know if the bug happens because of the plane, P3D, or my PC.
Only happens in P3D V4, in FSX it works normally, but I'm not going to downgrade back to FSX.
Reinstalling the addon or reinstalling P3D also doesn't work.
I did "sfc /scannow" in my CMD, nothing wrong, as the problem only happens with the 787, I believe it has nothing to do with the operating system.
Happens in both Optimized and Normal versions.

UPDATE: I found that the error is caused by XML Gauges Overloading in the simulator, as I removed the entire overhead panel XML gauges and I didn't have the problem anymore, It seems that FSX XML gauges limit is higher than in P3D V4, in FSX, everything works normally, without any CTD, But in P3D, the XML gauges overload after few minutes of flight, the XML gauges only stopped overloading when I removed the entire overhead panel, if I remove 2 or 3 XML gauges, the problem remains (of course I won't fly with the entire overhead panel gauges missing) but even if the 787 uses the limit of XML Gauges allowed by FSX (for P3D V4, idk) as I mentioned above, I don't have any another module or applications using XML Gauges that Pop-up during flights, I know the XML limit cannot be changed, What can be done in these cases?

this problem seems to be happening in a big part of P3D V4 users, which makes me confused about the compatibility with P3D V4 and that 787

1 month after this post, I didn't got a Fix, I'm planning to buy a payware instead if I didn't get an answer to the problem soon.
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