Mes réponses au test théoriques AS2=>AS3 sont-elles bonnes ?

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Mes réponses au test théoriques AS2=>AS3 sont-elles bonnes ?

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Salut, j'ai passé mon test théorique. Mes réponses sont-elles bonne ?
Merci à ceux qui prendront le temps de lire

Nr. Question / Reply
1 Q: What is an alternate airfield (indicated when filing a flight plan)?
The airfield I wish to land in case I can't land at my initial destination
The airfield I wish to make a stop over
The airfield I wish to make a fly over
The airfield I wish to land if having an emergency
Selected: 1
2 Q: How often must you connect to the IVAO servers in order to remain as an active member?
At least once every week
At least once every 3 months
At least once every 6 months
At least once every month
Selected: 2
3 Q: What is the worldwide IFR non-controlled transponder code ?
Selected: 4
4 Q: How can I zoom faster ?
SHIFT + "+"
ALT + scrollwheel
SHIFT + scrollwheel
ALT + "+"
Selected: 3
5 Q: Which of the following is NOT allowed in the route field of a flightplan?
ICAO code of departure or destination airport
Selected: 2
6 Q: When should a pilot squawk ident?
When ATC asks for it
Before entering the next FIR
When going online
On initial call when contacting ATC
Selected: 1
7 Q: In area without air traffic control pilot should :

(A) Monitor UNICOM 122.8 MHz
(B) Check ATC on a regular basis
(C) Contact ATC service prior to entering his controlled zone
(D) Contact ATC only when requested to do so

The combination regrouping the correct answers is :
A,B, and D
B and D
A, B and C
A and D
Selected: 1
8 Q: How many minutes will it take to descent from 16,000 feet to 6000 feet with a descent rate of 500 feet per minute (fpm)?
24 minutes
40 minutes
10 minutes
20 minutes
Selected: 4
9 Q: There are several ways in which you can zoom in and out in IvAc. One of them is to use the mouse wheel. Which of the following is another way to zoom in and out?
Using the arrow keys
Using the F11 and F12 keys
Using the SHIFT and ALT keys
Using DEL and INS
Selected: 2
10 Q: If a country has an approved ICAO language, which language(s) must be used?
Any approved ICAO language
English only
English as the primary language and country language as secondary language
ICAO country language as the primary language and english as secondary
Selected: 4
11 Q: What is the correct way of transmitting the 3500 when indicating an altitude or an height ?
three thousand five hundred
three five zero zero
three five hundred
three five double zero
Selected: 1
12 Q: According to the flight-strip below, what is EBCI representing?

Nearest airport
Alternate airport
Departure airport
Destination airport
Selected: 4
13 Q: What is the emergency frequency and what is it used for?
121.500, used by ATCs to advise a pilot he is not complying with ATC requirements
123.450, used by pilots on every uncontrolled airfield to declare intentions outside controlled areas
122.800, used to broadcast pilot's intentions managing a serious problem outside controlled areas
121.500, used to broadcast an emergency message to warn controllers and other pilots of a serious problem outside controlled areas
Selected: 4
14 Q: Looking at the label taken from IvAc, what does the number 0603 indicate?

The controller has been online for 6 hours and 3 minutes
The controller had 6 inbound and 3 outbound flights
Time now is 06:03 UTC
Time now is 6:03 am local
Selected: 3
15 Q: Looking at the label taken from IvAc, what does the letter A indicate?

Current ATIS has the reference ALFA
Controller is a AS1
The selected active aircraft is a category A
ATC is controlling airspace Class A
Selected: 1
16 Q: EDDL 301635 07010G30KT 060V090 2500 OVC030 -RA 18/12 Q1000 TEMPO BR: What is the visibility reported at EDDL?
1000 m
2500 m
3000 ft
2500 ft
Selected: 2
17 Q: What is the meaning of ATIS?
Automatic Terminal Information Service
Automatic Traffic Information System
Automatic Traffic Information Service
Automatic Terminal Information System
Selected: 1
18 Q: What kind of distance unit of measurement is used by IvAc for the RCL?
Selected: 2
19 Q: on IvAc, the F1 key will show/hide the:
Low Airways
Show route of the selected Acft
I/O Box
Selected: 4
20 Q: Is the emergency frequency available for controller coordination?
No, except for supervisor call
Yes, only for emergency purpose
Selected: 2


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