Lockheed L-1049H

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Lockheed L-1049H

Message non lu par KnutM » 27 juil. 2014, 02:36

Hi Rikoooo crew,

Just downloaded/installed your lockheed_l-1049h_super_constellation_fsx and find that the aircraft is close to impossible to fly. Full power never got the aircraft above 100kts on my first attempt to take off. Second attempt got me airborne (only just!) and with a bit of altitude I was able to eventually reach 200 kts by descending.
Also the engine manifold and prop RPM gauges are not in tune with the throttle settings. To achieve the power required to remain in level flight the power settings have to be at absolute full setting way above the red lines marked on the gauges.
The engine handling instructions bears no resemblance to the instrument colour coding they refer to either.

The flaps do not always work on the "H" model either.

All this may not be your problem, but frankly the aircraft does not deserve to be offered on your web site.

Kind regards,

KnutM (Jumbo subscriber)


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