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par kylelynch1
01 oct. 2016, 23:30
Forum : Suggestions
Sujet : New Addons
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New Addons

Hey, would there be any way if Rikoooo added any A2A besides any other freeware like IRIS AND and whatnot it would be awesome if they were the first to bring on A2A or Caranado aircraft addons would be super if they did that...
par kylelynch1
27 mars 2016, 22:30
Forum : FSX, Steam Edition & Prepar3D jusqu'à v3
Sujet : FSX virtual memory problem
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FSX virtual memory problem

hey just wanted to know how can i fix the virtual memory problem i got windows 10 home with intel core i5, 4GB ram overclokced to 8, with 2.90GHz for the ram wanted help to stop that cause everything works it loads up fine and starts the flight fine its just when i run in for more than an hour it ju...

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