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Boeing 777-300ER Swiss

Posté : 24 févr. 2017, 01:20
par Colonelwing
Hi guy;s ,, I was away for a long while ,, hope all you guy;s are doing okay ,,, it looks like it by reading the forums
I did miss this place thats for sure ... and most is les concours visuel ,,, Oh ,,, Salut jejetoulouse ,, comment vas la vie !

Welcome aboard its your Captain speaking and welcome you in the Boeing 777-300ER

Published on Feb 29, 2016
It was one month ago – on 29 January – that our new flagship touched down for the first time in Zurich shortly after 09:00. Our “Queen of the Skies” has stirred sizeable emotions throughout Switzerland. In our sixth and final “Triple Seven” movie, we’ve put together the finest moments of her arrival and her preceding delivery flight. #flyswiss777