Tema-ikona Pitanje Cessna Citation Excel XLS + FSX & P3D /plane ailerons are not working right

2 1 godina month ago #648 by julian1245

Hello Rikoooo i would like to ask you guys about this plane. I am loving this plane in MFSXS and it is great but im noticing a problem with the plane that is really annoying me. It is a glitch with the ailerons where when you turn they like spazz out. The plane turns but it looks unrealistic i was wandering if you could, by any chance, have a look and fix it with like a updated version or something i would really love it if it was fix because im having great fun with the plane. Im not sure if it something with the game or if im doing something wrong when im installing it.

Hvala, obavijestite me ako imate bilo kakvih ideja.

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