Beechcraft D18S anfibyen FSX & P3D

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Otè: Milton Shupe, Gauges by Scott Thomas, Textures by André Folkers, Urs Burkhardt, Damian Radice, Manfred [Mani] D.Saliger, Sounds by Nigel Richards, pontoons modeled by Bill Ortis, Water Effect and start gauge fix by Roman Stoviak
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ChangeLog Mete ajou sou 16 / 02 / 2018: New FSX native 3D model and 100% compatible Prepar3D v4+. Addition of two new liveries, bump and spec map textures, a complete documentation. No panel 2d this add-on is flyable from VC only.
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This pack offers two models (cargo and passenger), custom panels and gauges, personalized and authentic sounds, flight model close to reality, including four liveries.

One of the most realistic Freeware seaplanes for your flight simulators. Beautiful model with virtual cockpit and engine sounds of very good quality that immerses you completely in the simulation.

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Beechcraft D18S anfibyen FSX & P3D download

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