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Good day Gentelmen ,, have a seat !

I will be using this TOPIC FORUM for MILITARY VIDEOs USE ONLY ...

Thanks to respect that !


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Good Day Gentelmen ,,

Let start with a good man Name Dave Groark ...
Dave Groark gives us a detailed walkaround of the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. Dave also shares several stories about he and his friends flying the F-104 and their experiences. This was filmed at the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum in Tyler Texas.

Have some respect and have a seat and follow what the man is saying & telling you about ...


F-104 Starfighter Walkaround

Behind the Scenes After the F -104 Walkaround Video Shoot

Oh ,, cause you've all been good boys on here ,, I got you a small BONUS ,, for the respect you given to Military VETs.
Carry on !

“On December 10, 1963, while testing an NF-104A rocket-augmented aerospace trainer, he narrowly escaped death when his aircraft went out of control at 108,700 feet (nearly 21 miles up) and crashed. He parachuted to safety at 8,500 feet after vainly battling to gain control of the powerless, rapidly falling craft. In this incident he became the first pilot to make an emergency ejection in the full pressure suit needed for high altitude flights.”

The aircraft was destroyed in the ensuing crash. An investigation later showed that the cause of the crash was a spin that resulted from excessive angle of attack and lack of aircraft response. The excessive angle of attack was not caused by pilot input but by a gyroscopic condition set up by the J79 engine spooling after shut down for the rocket-powered zoom climb phase.

The crash is depicted in the movie "The Right Stuff." However, the director/writer changed most of the facts/events surrounding the crash. About the only thing they got right was that an F-104 did crash and it was piloted by Yeager.

The stunt man playing Yeager in the film perished. On Friday, January 14, 1983, the filming was to recommence. The planned jump was to start at 10,500 feet from a Cessna 206, registered as N29173. The camera operator, Randy Deluca, and Svec jumped without incident, was the smoke generator failed to work. So the pair held on to each other until they reached 3,500 feet.

They separated, tracked away from each, and continued to free-fall, with Deluca engaging his main parachute at 2,500 feet. Svec, who was falling in a flat and stable position, never deployed either of his chutes. Having jumped without an automatic activation device, he impacted the desert floor, killing the 35-year-old instantly.

An examination of both Svec's primary and reserve chutes showed no problems with either, and eyewitnesses on the ground saw no signs of struggle or difficulty on his part. The suit he wore was not particularly difficult to move around in and, with the exception of wearing the full-head helmet, nothing was out of the ordinary. In the end, no explanation was found for the untimely death of the veteran of over 2,000 jumps, although it is widely assumed that the smoke rendered him unconscious and unable to react.

Chuck Yeager's Test Flight/Crash In The F-104

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Мырзалар! Қайырлы күн ,,,

Vietnam Fighter Pilot POW Tony Marshall

Lt Col Tony Marshall (USAF ret.) shares experiences flying F-4 Phantom fighter-bombers over North Vietnam until his aircraft exploded, was captured and endured the ordeal as a POW.


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The AWESOME F-4 Phantom Gentelmen ,,.

This educational HD video shows how the United States used various types of F-4 Phantom aircraft were used throughout South East Asia 1960s-1970s by the United States Air Force (USAF). The Phantom is a large airplane with a top speed of over Mach 2.2. It can carry more than 18,000 pounds (8,400 kg) on nine external hardpoints. The F-4 was also used extensively and served as the principal air superiority aircraft for both the Navy and USAF, and became important in the ground-support and aerial reconnaissance roles. The Phantom has the distinction of being the last U.S. jet flown to attain ace status in the 20th century. The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is a tandem two-seat, twin-engine, all-weather, long-range supersonic jet interceptor aircraft originally developed for the United States by McDonnell Aircraft. It first entered service in 1960 and proved highly adaptable and by the mid-1960s had become a major part of their respective air wings.


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With all respect ,, Presenting you Brig. Gen. Robin Olds Gentelmen !

Who was Robin Olds?

Robin Olds

An American Hero - Robin Olds

Robin Olds (July 14, 1922 – June 14, 2007) was an American fighter pilot and general officer in the U.S. Air Force. He was a "triple ace", with a combined total of 16 victories in World War II and the Vietnam War. He retired in 1973 as a brigadier general.

he son of Army Air Forces Major General Robert Olds, educated at West Point, and the product of an upbringing in the early years of the U.S. Army Air Corps, Olds epitomized the youthful World War II fighter pilot. He remained in the service as it became the United States Air Force, despite often being at odds with its leadership, and was one of its pioneer jet pilots. Rising to the command of two fighter wings, Olds is regarded among aviation historians, and his peers, as the best wing commander of the Vietnam War, for both his air-fighting skills, and his reputation as a combat leader.

Olds was promoted to brigadier general after returning from Vietnam but did not hold another major command. The remainder of his career was spent in non-operational positions, as Commandant of Cadets at the United States Air Force Academy and as an official in the Air Force Inspector General's Office.

War Heroes of the Skies - Vietnam Dogfights Robin Olds

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The Aces of Southeast Asia

United States aircraft ground support operations in Southeast Asia, also explaining how jet pilots coordinated to eliminate important ground targets such as bridges, bunkers and vehicles.

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The HOG Gentelmen ... Enjoy !

A-10 Thunderbolt II
Happy Brrrt Day Special


Warthog GAU-8 BRRRT Strafing Gun Runs Destroy Unmanned Humvees
A-10 Warthog anti-tank planes conducting awesome GAU-8 strafing gun runs on unmanned humvee vehicles to test their ability to destroy moving and static targets.


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