Тақырып-белгіше сұрақ Cannot see ROBIN_DR400_regent_v2_p3dv4 in the list

11 ай 4 күн бұрын - 11 ай 4 күн бұрын #1145 by Braudoux

Сәлеметсіз бе,
Just installed this beautiful lady but my P3Dv4.1 doesn'nt want to show her in the list of aircraft... 3 Folders are correctly installed in the Simobject directory (RobinLFCO, RobinLFDT and RobinLFIM). My app SIMStarter show them in the livery manager (but without thumbnails)...
In the same time I have installed the Beluga and I can see it !
Any idea ?

For information, I tried to contact you but your CAPTCHA system seems not to work (see attached file)

Соңғы өңдеу: 11 ай 4 күн бұрын Braudoux.

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