Dewoitine D-520 FSX

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14-03-2012 құрылды
11-07-2012 өзгерді
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Автор: Жан-Мари Mermaz
жүктеу FSX & Steam Edition үшін# Port-Over үйлесімді P3Dv4 #3D Virtual Cockpit
The Dewoitine 520, French fighter of WW2. Developed with GMAX and textured with DXTBmp, this DEWOITINE 520 reached nearly 32000 polygons and 21000 vertices.

7 repaints are available for download at the moment.
They correspond to historic aircraft of the period 1939-1945 :
Two units that participated in the Battle of France in 1940 :
# 73 "Werewolf", 2nd Squadron of GC I / 3
# 248 of GC II / 7
Aircraft in the colors of Vichy:
# 248 of GC II / 7, the same device as before, but repainted in the colors of Vichy
2 aircrafts FFI who participated in the battles for liberation in 1944 (with French colors on camouflage bands invading German) :
Body Franc Pommiès
Doret group, in October 1944 in Toulouse (French colors and stripes of camouflage German invasion)
JG105 Luftwaffe
Regia Aeronautica

Complete pack: 3D Model + Sound + Virtual Cockpit
Dewoitine D-520 FSX жүктеу