Boeing 727-200 Кеңейтілген FSX және P3D

Size 62.8 МБ
Жүктеулер 48 653
29-05-2011 құрылды
14-08-2018 өзгерді
лицензия тегін сыртқы
Автоматты түрде орнату: #Installer нұсқасы 10.5
Автор: Томас Рут, BK-мен жаңартылған
жүктеу FSX & Steam шығарылымы және P3Dv1 P3Dv2 P3Dv3 P3Dv4 үшін#Native FSX және / немесе P3D #3D виртуалды кокпиті
06 / 03 / 2018 Жаңартылған: Added GPWS, Panel.cfg converted from German to English, fixed minor bugs, added 727 Performance, Procedures and Limitations PDF in the document folder.

04 / 09 / 2017 Жаңартылған: Now compatible Prepar3D v4, Auto-installer version 10, modified flight dynamics, more realistic, fuel consumption more realistic, added custom sounds, rudimentary weather radar.
Boeing 727-200 (Pax and Freighter) advanced native version for FSX SP2 and Acceleration. Comes with a 2D panel and virtual cockpit plus one FMC that works! Includes two repaints : Pacific Air Express eflp ADVA RSBK (INS) and HAPAG (FMC). compatible multiplayer by default. Also includes many updates. Read the manual.

The Boeing 727 was for a very long time, the airline's most popular worldwide. The 727 flew for the first time in 1963.

The design of the 727 was the result of a compromise between United Airlines, American Airlines and Eastern Airlines on the configuration of the successor to the Boeing 707. United Airlines wanted a four for its flights to airports at higher elevations, particularly its hubs Stapleton International Airport. American Airlines wanted a twin-engine aircraft for efficiency reasons. Eastern Airlines was hoping for a third engine for its flights to the Caribbean. Finally, the three airlines agreed on a trijet. Thus was born the 727.
Boeing 727-200 Кеңейтілген FSX және P3D жүктеу