Сэдэв-дүрс Асуулт Posky Boeing 777-200 цагаан, ямар ч элэг, юу ч байхгүй

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Hi, I've downloaded the Posky B777-200 from Rikooo and downloaded it together with the gauge effects recover tool. I installed them both and I have four planes sitting in my plane folder. However, when I open them, they're white, no liveries, no featres, no details, no cockpit, nothing. Just a white shell.

I have downloaded and installed several other B777 from Rikooo and from other freeware websites, but it is always the same. I could almost say my FSX is hexed against B777. The same, by the way, happened to De Haviland Dash 8-400. I am also sending a screenshot of the white plane.

How do I solve this as it is getting on my nerves.

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газрын зураг та хараахан байрлалыг тодорхой биш, гарч чадахгүй.
Go into settings then customize then untick the 'preview DirectX 10' box and your liveries should all be there. Had this same issue myself and only figured out how to resolve it through weeks of trial and error. Hope it works for you.

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