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Eu gostaria muito de ter um pacote de aeronaves da TAM (LATAM) para Fsx, um dos melhores pacotes que existe é o Ultimate Pack 777-200ER, eu gostaria muito de ter uma textura da TAM para esta aeronave (B777-200ER). A qualidade dos addons aqui são incríveis, continuem trazendo isso para nós! Obrigado.

I also have a package of aircraft from TAM (LATAM) to Fsx, one of the best packages that exists in Ultimate Pack 777-200ER, I really want a TAM texture for this aircraft (B777-200ER). The quality of the add-ons here are incredible, keep bringing it to us! Thank you.

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First of all,welcome to Rikoooo. It's really nice to hear that you like that aircraft pack. Unfortunately,we are not making these add-ons. Which means that we are unable to add or change something in them. If there are some errors ,we can fix them ,but that's about it.

Second...I have to warn you,this is the English Forum,so don't post in other languages.

Once again,welcome and have a good time here.


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