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Hello! So I would like to know how to make ILS landing in FSX with the Project Airbus A380. I already know how to make ILS landing in other planes but because the Project Airbus cockpit is a bit different I'm not so sure. I did try to make ILS landing with that plane but it didn't work out. By the way I was in the virtual cockpit. Are there different buttons? And the plane is the Air France A380 VC from this site. Please help me with this.


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Granted, I MOSTLY #FlyBoeing these days (the DC-10 and Concorde being the two main exceptions lol), but I know you need to dial in the ILS Freq into Nav1, and then change from GPS to Nav (I usually have a hot key for that, in My case CTRL SHIFT N). I'm not that familiar with Airbus but I know on the 747 (which is what I mostly fly cuz it makes the most $), you also have to select APP (approach) to get it to lock to the ILS. It won't lock to a glide slope, so I gotta do that manually, but that's just a matter of adjusting the vert speed.

I HOPE this helps! GOOD LUCK!

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