विषय-प्रतिमा प्रश्न For those who download aircraft from Rikooo and are missing features or textures

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I have noted many people having issues with downloads from this site, who are missing aircraft textures, or black tiles in photoreal scenery files. First let me explain a little about FSX. Microsoft came out with three versions in the boxed addition. The Standard FSX, FSX Deluxe, and Finally FSX Gold Edition. If you own the Standard FSX or Deluxe Editions and have not updated them, you will have problems with some aircraft and scenery. Microsoft came out with 2 service packs ( SP1 & SP2 ) without these updates installed, there will be problems. The Auto Loader Rikooo provides works quite well. I am providing you with the patches needed below, to help you sort out these issues. I hope it will help


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